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Refunds and revisions


By ordering any sort of copywriting service or products and confirming this order by sending a payment to Quercus Copywriting, you agree to be bound by the refund conditions set out on this page. 

Copywriting coaching refunds

This is not a ‘done for you’ service and – as such – requires considerable input from you. 

So please be very certain, before you go ahead, you are prepared to do the work necessary to achieve your success.

I am happy to give you my time and coaching expertise for as long as it takes for you to enjoy success, but the results will need a concerted effort on your part in addition to my advice and experience. 

If you go ahead now and then later decide that you don’t want to or don’t have the time to do the necessary work then, because this is one-on-one person to person teaching built around a personalized plan designed especially for you, your starting point and your personal circumstance, under the online Distance Selling Regulations this service is a bespoke product coming it comes under the heading of personalized work and therefore not eligible for any refund. 

So please be absolutely certain you are prepared to put in both the time and the effort necessary to achieve the success we both want for you – otherwise please pass on this offer.

If you fail to make contact by email for a period exceeding 30 days, you will be deemed to have resigned from your  mentoring of your own volition and your place will be given to another student. In such circumstances no refund requests will be entertained.


Copywriting refunds

Every sales letter is created personally by me exclusively for you and, as such, it comes under the heading of personalized work and therefore not eligible for any refund under the terms of the Distance Selling Regulations. 

90% of the work involved in good copywriting is coming up with exactly the right angle to place the trust of the sales message. Therefore, in line with good creative copywriting practice – and on the sage advice of my copywriting teacher, Clayton Makepeace – immediately upon the project being booked into my schedule, I will spend some considerable time thinking about your project as well as starting to get into the shoes of your target audience by researching discussion forums et cetera. This allows sufficient time for my subconscious to get to work and drill down to what you are really selling and is one of the key secrets of my success. 

Therefore, even before the finer details in the questionnaire are received and any words written, the project is already well in train and therefore no refund request will be entertained and and a ‘kill fee’ will be deducted. Subject entirely to our discretion it might be possible to leave a balance as a credit against future projects. 

If you fail to properly respond to request for more information in connection with your project within 14 days of the date the email was sent you, it will be determined that you have canceled the project and a ‘kill fee’ will be deducted. Subject entirely to my discretion it might be possible to leave a balance as a credit against future projects. 

All sales are final after 180 days, regardless of whether you have furnished full details of your project or not. Subject entirely to my discretion it might be possible to leave a balance as a credit against future projects. 

Therefore, please be very certain, before your payment is processed, you are entirely happy to go ahead within a reasonable timeframe. 

Copywriting revisions

Because you have hired me for my marketing and copywriting expertise the only situation where requests for revisions would be considered is if there is something about your product and service of a factual nature which I’ve gotten wrong.

Any such requests must be made in writing within 48 hours of receipt of the sales material, clearly stating with great precision what is factually incorrect.

The email with the material attached will be sent the email address we have previously used with success to correspond about the project. Provided it is not returned as ‘Undeliverable’, the project will be deemed to have been delivered within two hours of being sent.

Once the 48 hour period has elapsed without a complaint being registered,  all projects will be deemed to be complete and final.


Copywriting questionnaires

Please bear in mind you know everything about your product and business while I only know what you tell me. So please be certain the details and instructions you put in the questionnaire are correct as that forms the whole basis of the description of what the prospect will get when they purchase. So please take all the time you need to put all the details in the questionnaire, rather than follow along with a string of ‘further thoughts’ emails. 

Altering instructions while the work is in progress can be very disruptive to the creative process and costly – both in terms of extra payments for alterations and diluting the original thrust of the project.

Refunds for standard ‘off the shelf’ products

In the even a refund is possible (which excludes coaching, copywriting and other personalized services), the following conditions apply.

Due to the instant accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, there is a conditional strict 30-day return policy, which begins on the date of purchase. Any requests for a refund after that 30 days will be denied, unless it’s a fraud case.

Please note that for us to issue a refund, your reason must be VALID & JUSTIFIED therefore …

We do not refund people who attempt to make vexatious “Not As Described” refund claims, because  it’s a simple matter to disprove that by simply sending our sales page and product page to our bank or your credit card provider.

Further, please note we ONLY provide refunds to people who make a “Payment Not Authorized” claim, IF they provide either …

1) a police report of the event event or police crime case number.

OR …

2) a credit card stop confirmation letter issued by the credit card provider due to fraud.

These are the absolute minimum steps any reasonable person who is genuinely suffering  unauthorised goods and services being purchased with their credit card would immediately take.

Therefore, failing to present one or both of these two documents, will result in a refund refusal.


If you feel you have a legitimate refund request then simply send an email with the subject line: REFUND REQUEST to and it will be deal with very quickly (probably within the hour – depending on our two time zones). 

However, failing to send a refund request to us first and, instead, immediately starting a refund claim will not get you a valid refund within a few hours, because we always fight such claims to protect our reputation.

So, in the event you do win such a claim or dispute, your refund will take a minimum of ten business days before you even receive a decision. So, even if the decision is finally ruled in your favor, your refund will take far longer than the few hours maximum it would have taken if you had contacted us at with the subject line: REFUND REQUEST and a copy of your purchase receipt.

If you don’t wish to be bound by these conditions, then please don’t invest in the product.


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