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If you want to enjoy the financial freedom and kudos of being a highly paid copywriter, then THIS is for YOU… 

 Mike keeps coming back for more – hardly surprising when he enjoys winning promos like these…  

After enjoying spectacular results from his first order, Miles did not hesitate to order another sales letter for his next product…

Bob Hamilton was also impressed by the results I achieved for him with his first order and even more delighted when my completely fresh letter for his second order generated SIX TIMES the number of sales compared with the lame sales letter produced by another copywriter he was previously wasting his precious traffic on. 


I can produce winning promos even in very obscure niches – even ones I’ve never for written for previously…

Following the 30% conversion rate I achieved for him with his first sales letter, Jon was eager to get another project under way, adding that – if it did, anywhere as well as the first sales letter I created for him  – he would be very happy…

The ‘Copywriter’s Copywriter’ 

I’ve even created sales letters for other copywriters and one I wrote had a conversion of 12.5%. 

Simon Hodgkinson is a world class copywriter in his own right, but because he was so busy overseeing the launch of his new software, he asked me to create the sales letter for him. 

And he was delighted he did.

As you can see. I managed to achieve TWICE the conversions he normally clocks up. What’s more, I did it right out of the gate without the testing and tweaking he normally needs to achieve only half what I got.

And Simon is just one copywriter of many I’ve  done copywriting for, amazing them with the results I’ve achieved for them.

And Dean Jackson  became another top copywriter – alongside Simon Hodgkinson – who was amazed with what I created for him…


You might now be wondering how I manage
to consistently generate all these winning promos


Hi… my name is Paul Kelly, and if that doesn’t ring any bells, you’ve still probably bought some top gun marketer’s product, as a result of reading a sales letter or watching a video sales letter I created.

It’s often said: ‘The grit in the oyster produces the pearl’ and it certainly produced a gem for me, 60 years ago this April, when – as a rookie salesman, aged just 19 – I’d set up an appointment with the buyer for the Daily Express newspaper’s book publishing arm – and didn’t have a clue about what I should say.

What made it worse was this was a B2B sale, so the prospect lacked the sort of deep personal, emotional interest that would be present if he were buying something for his personal use. So I really burnt the midnight oil racking my brains about the ‘angle’ I should take.

Finally, my worries gave way to total exhaustion and I collapsed into my bed, fully clothed, and instantly fell into a deep sleep.

Call it God, the Universe, Karma or my subconscious mind – but, when I awoke, I felt utterly refreshed and saw with complete crystal-clear clarity exactly the approach I should take.

So, at the appointed hour, I strode confidently into that imposing Art Deco building on London’s famous Fleet Street…

.. and came out an hour or so later with brand new publisher account and a first order for printing 1,000s of paperback books – worth about $30,000 in today’s money.

 And the ‘magical insight’ that came to me in my darkest hour still empowers me to clock up winning promotion after winning promotion, like I have for my lucky clients, Michael and Miles and many others.  

 And, over the following 44 years of face-to-face selling everything from industrial chemicals, burglar alarms, cookware to hand-crafted wooden products was a piece of cake.   

It even helped me win an award in the ‘Salesman’s Graveyard’

Selling life insurance is called the ‘Salesman’s Graveyard’ because it is one of the hardest products of all to sell, ending the careers of many promising sales people.

That’s because there is no instant gratification, like with a tangible product. It also requires the prospect to confront the brutal truth they’re gonna die.  

But, by deploying my special insight, I sold record amounts of life insurance and was awarded these cufflinks as a result.


Just think…
If I can sell record amounts of a product no one wants to buy – just imagine what I can you for YOUR copywriting skills…

Those years of face-to-face selling have been exciting – stressful at times – and crammed with real life lessons from the direct marketing trenches I’ve now deployed for the past sixteen years as a successful copywriter to hand my lucky clients winning promo after winning promo…

This truly IS the laptop life many crave – but few actually achieve

Quite frankly, I would pay to enjoy this type of lifestyle – but, in fact – it pays me rather well.

It’s also just about the friendliest, most congenial ways of living I’ve ever found, because youre working with like-minded entrepreneurs all working towards the same goal.

So just imagine yourself sitting in your private space – perhaps overlooking your garden with some music playing in the background and a drink at your elbow – or perhaps having a day out in the countryside – yet still making money – just like I am doing here… 


What’s not love about that?

And it can be closer than you dare imagine, right now, because …

If you’re quick – YOU can profit BIG TIME from
my 60 years of hard-won experience and success

Do the math and you’ll see – with 60 years direct selling and copywriting to my credit – I’m well past ‘retirement’. But – just like Clint Eastwood, aged 93 and directing movies, I’m not about to go quietly. In fact I’ve already started a new – but related – career as an Amazon KDP author.  

So, rather than let all my hard-won, powerful secrets wither in the vine, I’m going to pass all my tips and tricks to a just TWO lucky folks smart enough to understand that when they possess the sought after skill of copywriting they will never go hungry, because – particularly with the internet and all the new products being created all over the world all the time that need to be sold – they will always be in demand.

In fact my training goes far beyond mere copywriting and into the dark arts of persuasion. So imagine being able to persuade anyone to do anything you wanted…

What’s more, if English is your native language, you have a massive advantage that puts you in demand from clients all over the world.

I have copywriting clients in every continent (except Antarctica) in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia in countries like Canada, USA, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and even the emerging powerhouses of India and China.

And the wonderful thing is, I do it all from my cozy home office (just a 30 second ‘commute’ away from the rest of my home) music playing, a drink and snacks at my elbow, just tapping away – every word making me more money.

And if you are one of the 70% of people surveyed recently who said their ideal career would be to write and travel, then here is the perfect opportunity to use your new-founds copywriting skills to bankroll your travel plans – or even put down roots in countries where you can live like a king for far less money than in your native country.  Or perhaps you would like to be a ‘snowbird’ escaping the bitter winter winds by having a bolt hole in the other side of the planet for six months of the year.  All you need is an internet connection.

Nor does it matter if you are tall short, guy or gal, black white, young or old.  In fact one of my copywriting buddies is from Haiti the young daughter of a single mother who has now bought that mother a home with the money  she has made from copywriting.  

You might possibly be thinking this

You can clearly see I know how to create compelling copy that sells – but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have the knack of conveying these secrets to my copywriting students, does it?

You make a very good point, because that aspect is just as important as having knowing how to create compelling copy.

From time to time,  I’ve been asked by various people from all walks of life to help them master copywriting. So you can now judge from their reactions if I am capable of passing on my priceless knowledge…


So what will your training will cover?

 While your training will be personalized for you and your current writing ability, it will cover the widest possible aspects of sales copywriting, including…

  • Long form text sales letter: the traditional form of sales letter with still a great deal of mileage left for certain types of products.
  • Variations on a theme: in addition we will also cover the variations on the basic sales letter, such as Upsell pages and Advertorials. 
  • Video sales letters: these have several advantages over long form sales letters for certain products.  We will cover creating scripts and also how to easily produce complete ready to go turnkey videos for even higher fees.
  • Email marketing: still the most powerful medium for closing sales and bringing in cash on demand – provided they are done in the right way.

You’ll also become a Black Belt at making your narrative sizzle with power words, colloquial expressions and fascinations.  

Can’t you just learn all this from a book?

Think back to when you first learnt to read.

Did your teacher, parent or big brother or sister just hand you a book and let you get on with it?

Probably not, otherwise you’d still be struggling.

What they probably did was to work alongside you, guiding you and giving you vital feedback so you were able to quickly master the art of reading.

And the one on one interaction with your teacher is even more important for a copywriting student because you need to be certain, before you take on your first paid gig, that your copy will bring home the bacon. And that can only be accomplished by having an experienced copywriter check what you have written – and maybe help with a few improvements.

But, if you want to become one of my two copywriting students, then…

It’s only fair to warn you

This priceless training is not cheap – UNTIL…

…you compare it with the time and expense of going to college or university. Then it’s the best bargain you’ll probably ever receive!

In the UK it costs about $12,000 a year for university tuition and in the US you have to pay for four years tuition, before there’s a chance of actually making any money from your new skill.

Even then, you’ll likely start off as an unpaid intern.

And it won’t take you four years or cost thousands to be trained with a skill that will last you a lifetime, because – as long as people buy and sell then you will be in demand. What’s more you’ll also have the priceless skill of PERSUASION that will stand you in very good stead in any situation in life from getting let off a speeding ticket to getting a fresh start with a loved one.  

A copywriting pal of mine recently bought a house overlooking a golf course. The fact that he doesn’t play golf makes it even better, because his friends that DO play golf are super jealous.

So now he is able to enjoy the most wonderful view of the beautifully manicured greens and the stunning landscaping of the golf course from his office window as he works on his business.

But what gives him the most satisfaction is the fact he bought the home from a medical doctor, who would have spent seven years in medical school before he could even start to make a single red cent towards buying this lovely home.

By contrast, my buddy didn’t spend anything like seven years learning how to make enough money with his writing to buy this splendid piece of real estate and, in fact, made the money for this home in a few years because he could use his copywriting skills from the get go.   

My copywriting coaching lasts for as long as it takes to get you making money as a copywriter. After that, the sky is the limit for you and depends on how good you are. But with all my tips and secrets under your belt that should be world class. 

You’ll learn the secrets of creating a whole range of sales material from the traditional sales letters, video sales letters, emails, lead magnets and advertorials (they look like editorials but are really under the radar sales letters) and much, MUCH more…

As I’ve said, I can only take on two copywriting students because I only have 24 hours in my day and I’m still copywriting for regular clients as well as working on my new project. .

If you are watching this, then you will already have a computer – which is all you need plus the priceless knowledge I will hand you! 

So, if you want: 

  • A complete career change working entirely from home (or a tropical paradise) .
  • Simply want the warm feeling you already have a Plan B escape plan in case your employers decide to let you go in the future .
  • Just to make a little extra income on the side.
  • Want to take your existing copywriting skills to a higher level.
then make life-changing start to 2023 with a whole new well paid prestigious way of making unlimited amounts of money from clients all over the world, while sitting in your cozy home office without the complications of product creation, affiliate marketing, and all the rest of it…

…by emailing me at: (Subject line: ‘Copywriting Mentoring’) before someone else beats you to it and you miss out BIG TIME.

To your inevitable success, 












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