The Smart Marketer's Secret Weapon For More Sales


Whether you are a small business owner or a buyer for a giant corporation, then this is for you – because you know, deep down, this is the BRUTAL TRUTH…


Simon is a world class copywriter in his own right, but he was so busy overseeing the launch
of his new software, he asked me to create the sales letter for him.  And he was delighted he did.

As you can see. I managed to achieve TWICE the conversions he normally clocks up. What’s more, I did it right out of the gate without the testing and tweaking he normally needs to achieve only half what I got.

And Simon is just one copywriter of many I’ve  done copywriting for, amazing them with the results I’ve achieved for them.
 (more later).

 Simon’s spectacular results are no fluke,
because I can produce consistent winning promos …

Mike keeps coming back for more – hardly surprising when he enjoys winning promos like these…  

Delighted with the results from his first order, Miles ordered material for another product…

Bob Hamilton was impressed by the results I achieved for him with his first order and even more delighted when my completely fresh letter generated six times the number of orders compared with the lame sales letter produced by another copywriter he was using previously.

I can produce winning promos even in very obscure niches – even ones I’ve never for written for previously…

Following the 30% conversion rate I achieved for him with his first sales letter, Jon was eager to get another project under way, adding that – if it did, anywhere as well as the first sales letter I created for him  – he would be very happy…


Hi Fellow Marketer… as an experienced salesperson you know convincing prospects to buy your products is very hard and needs every ethical trick in the pack to close the sale no matter how good the product. And this is particularly so when selling remotely on line.

So you might be wondering how I manage to generate such consistent winning promos.

Hello… my name is Paul Kelly and it’s often said: ‘The grit in the oyster produces the pearl’ and it certainly produced a gem for me, 59 years ago, when – as a rookie salesman, aged just 19 – I’d set up an appointment with the buyer for a top London book publisher – and didn’t have a clue about what I should say.

What made it worse was this was a B2B sale, so the prospect lacked the sort of deep personal, emotional interest in the problem and the solution that a B2C prospect would have.

So I really burnt the midnight oil racking my brains about the ‘angle’ I should take.

Finally, my worries gave way to total exhaustion and I collapsed into my bed, fully clothed, and instantly fell into a deep sleep.

Call it God, the Universe, Karma or my subconscious mind – but, when I awoke, I felt utterly refreshed and saw with complete crystal-clear clarity exactly the approach I should take.

So, at the appointed hour, I strode confidently into that imposing Art Deco building on London’s famous Fleet Street…

.. and came out an hour or so later with brand new publisher account and a first order for printing 1,000s of paperback books – worth about $30,000 in today’s money.

 And the ‘magical insight’ that came to me in my darkest hour still empowers me to clock up winning promotion after winning promotion, like I have for my lucky clients, Michael and Miles 59 years later.

 And, over the following 44 years of face-to-face selling everything from industrial chemicals, burglar alarms, cookware to hand-crafted wooden products was a piece of cake.   

It even helped me win an award in the ‘Salesman’s Graveyard’

Selling life insurance is called the ‘Salesman’s Graveyard’ because it is one of the hardest products of all to sell, ending the careers of many promising sales people.

That’s because there is no instant gratification, like with a tangible product. It also requires the prospect to confront the brutal truth they will die.  

But, by deploying my special insight, I sold record amounts of life insurance and was awarded these cufflinks as a result.


Just think…
If I can sell record amounts of a product no one wants to buy – just imagine what I can you for YOUR product…

Those years of face-to-face selling have been exciting – stressful at times – and crammed with real life lessons from the direct marketing trenches I’ve now deployed for the past thirteen years as a successful copywriter to hand my lucky clients winning promo after winning promo…

Little wonder that three of the world’s best copywriters agree being in the trenches of face to face selling is the perfect apprenticeship for the best copywriters…


And this is the result of all those sore knuckles…





Here is the full range of compelling sales messages I create

Text sales letters:

The sort of letter that achieved $20,000 sales in just three days for my prolific product creator, Michael, with the next letter doing EVEN BETTER, racking up around $30,550 from the sale of 650 units – selling at up to $47 a time.  


And the same type of letter that generated TWICE the conversions master copywriter, Simon Hodgkinson, admitted he normally gets for his own sales letters.

The above examples used warm traffic – although to use either warm or cold in isolation is very wasteful of precious traffic, when a simple change of strategy could maybe double your conversion rate.

Buyers come in all shapes and sizes and while a small number are impulse buyers and will buy your product on the first visit to your sales page. But you can’t build a sustainable business on that tiny minority.

The vast majority of your prospective buyers are more thoughtful and will take time to make a more considered purchasing decision. But, in the long run these types of buyers tend to be the most loyal, becoming great ambassadors for your product and buying more products well into the future (either your own or ones you promote as an affiliate).

That is why the vast majority of your precious visitors won’t buy on the first visit with the very real danger they will leave your website never to return.

Which is a tragic waste of precious traffic you can easily avoid with this simple strategy.

By coupling your sales letter with an exit pop-up, which only appears when it’s  obvious your visitor is about to leave your website, probably never to return, you have a very good chance of transforming your soon to be lost visitor into a subscriber on your mailing list. Then, you can maintain contact and so build a relationship with them that’s vital to turn prospects into happy buyers.  

To be effective, this pop up must offer a compelling, no-brainer, ‘must have’ lead magnet  in exchange for the prospect’s name and email address.

Lead magnets:

To attract the maximum conversions with your pop up you need to offer a compelling lead magnet the rospect feels they simply have to have. This is short report that performs two vital roles, because – as that wise old saying goes: “You never get a second chance to make a GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION.”

  1. A compelling title that lights such a powerful fire under your prospect that they cannot relax until they have their hands your report.
  1. Contains such high quality information they instantly realize they want to know more about you, because they quickly understand you are a ‘Go To guy’ (or gal!) and clearly have the power to solve their problem. So, any thoughts they might have had have about unsubscribing, once they have your freebie, vanish.

For those reasons, it’s FATAL to use PLR stuff, in the mistaken belief it’s JUST a bribe of little consequence. Do that and you’re wasting a golden opportunity to make that compelling first impression.


Because a lead magnet should be much more than just a ‘bribe’. Instead, it should be your ‘Trojan Horse’, showcasing your expertise and subtly ‘selling’ you as an authority in your niche as well as starting the process of ‘knowing, liking and trusting’ that is the key to making record sales.

Here’s what one delighted client said when he received his lead magnet:

Then, once you’ve gotten your prospect safely onto your mailing list, you can send as many emails as it takes to build that vital solid relationship of knowing, liking and trusting which has been proven many times is necessary for most people to buy – particularly with on line sales.

Auto responder emails:

These are a carefully scripted series of emails designed to build on the authority you have already built with the lead magnet and forge an unbreakable bond of knowing, liking and trust with your subscribers, so they have the confidence to make that first decision to buy from you.

After that it becomes increasingly easy to get them to buy pretty much anything you recommend because they trust you. This makes it perfect if you promote other people’s products for which you receive an affiliate commission.

The emails are written in a ’24’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ soap opera style, so every email ends with a CLIFF-HANGER and a TRAILER to get your reader fired up and eagerly looking out for – and opening – the next email.

They’re the sort of ultra-compelling emails that made Herb want to join his own membership site…

And the sort of emails that made Marv say: “Paul is truly a professional copywriter who has the magic touch”

You can choose from a sequence of five, seven or nine. Although conventional wisdom says that you need to make seven contacts before your prospect is sufficiently hot to buy, I have found my ‘Paul’s rule of nine’ to be more effective, whereby you only start to call for action on emails eight and nine (although you are selling by stealth right from email one).

Here is the reaction of a client for whom I created a 12 part email sequence:

Video sales letters:

These use the highly effective, almost hypnotic ‘words on the screen’ technique with the words being spoken by the narrator appearing at the same time on the screen.

This has a profound psychological effect, going right back to our childhood where we wanted the same story read every night. This makes your sales message bore deep into your prospect’s brain via a combination of the senses. You also have the key advantage of controlling the sales process,, only revealing the price of the product when the prospect truly understands the phenomenal value they are getting.

The narration is spoken by a professional American voice-over artist. Oher nationalities and female voice-overs are available at extra cost

The result?

Conversion rates as much as THREE TIMES HIGHER than achieved from a text sales letter.


Video Sales Letter script only:

Alternatively, you might like to appear in front of the camera for an even more personal touch, using my compelling customized script.

One time offers/upsell letters/downsell text based sales letters:

These ride on the back of the ‘Feel Good’ hormone, Dopamine, that has been scientifically proven to surge through a buyer’s body when they have just made a purchase, making for a very high conversion rate, despite the higher price. 

Linkedin Bios:

Remember that wise old saying: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”?

Sadly, many Linkedin members are unwittingly wasting golden opportunities to connect with other business people by simply sticking to the tired old formula of using ‘company speak’ or writing in the third person about themselves.

These days, people expect to do business with people – not faceless companies. And it’s been proven beyond any doubt that the are more personal and human your bio is – even a little self-deprecating – the more effective it is at making visitors want to get to know you better and, eventually, do business with you.

Want proof?

Here is someone who describes himself as “A tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist and troublemaker”. The self-deprecating approach clearly paid off  because it is part of the bio of billionaire, Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group which is one of the world’s most respected and recognisable brands.

But there is a big problem when trying to create your own bio and ‘About’ page.

Because, as copywriter Dean Jackson remarked: even as a copywriter, skilled in writing in the persona of other people, it is very hard to write about yourself. So he became another top copywriter – alongside Simon Hodgkinson – who was amazed with what I created for him…


I will use the same skill he praises so highly and focus on making your personality shine through your Bio and ‘About’ section, making you someone with whom your future customers will be eager to do business with.

Linkedin message sequences:

Many Linkedin marketers make the FATAL mistake of sending a message with a brief salutation and then immediately launch into a full blown sales pitch, which is a tragic waste of good prospective future business partners.

If only marketers followed that wise old marketing saying: By the inch, it’s a cinch’ they would have a far better chance of doing more business, more often..

You’ve seen how my email sequences have been received by my clients and my Linkedin messages sequences are designed to be just as effective at building that precious relationship of knowing, liking and trusting that must be there before that precious first sale can take place. 

So I will use my success with email marketing to craft a series of five customized Linkedin messages to make your path to doing business with as many new customers as you can handle silky-smooth.


This is where you sell very much ‘under the radar’ with an article that is really an ultra-subtle sales letter that pulls the reader in and then subtly sells them your product in the latter stages of your advertorial.

Affiliate recruitment pages: 

The sad truth is only about 10% of your affiliates will ever bring in any serious business for you. But these are the ‘Super Affiliates’ who really know their craft and are the guys you definitely want in your army.

But, precisely because they are at the top of their games, with a very responsive mailing list of subscribers they aren’t about to ‘burn out’ their list on some lame promo they don’t have faith in. So it’s vital you deploy a compelling sales page pointing out every advantage of being YOUR Super Affiliate.

It’s also important to realize that, being so much in demand, they can afford to cherry pick and – given the choice between tow equally promising products, they will choose the one that is easiest for them to promote. 

So you can stack the deck in your favour (as well as increase the number of sales they make for you) by supplying them with either a series of ready to go emails promoting your product or a compelling video of the sort that made Michael Lee’s affiliates ecstatic with how much money they made – or both.

Video Product Reviews:

This style of video walkthrough is making fortunes for folks selling software and information products, right now. They pull the viewer in and then subtly sell them the product leading to amazing conversion rates and your name on top of the affiliate leader boards!

These include professional narration from a male American voice over artist.


Certainly, but I must warn you…

After my world class copywriting teacher, John Carlton, I’m probably the most ripped off copywriter, which is both flattering and annoying.

So please don’t ask for further samples than those you see here because I am fed up making my Rottweiler of a lawyer even richer to pursue copyright theft prosecutions.

So, sadly, I have to now treat everyone the same – even if you really are Mother Theresa.


You might possibly be thinking this

You can probably see the huge advantage of hiring someone like me with a track record of bringing home the bacon, but you might be concerned about the high fees I command.

But you also understand the wisdom of those wise old sayings: “You get what you pay for” and “Pay peanuts and get monkeys” because you also understand settling for a cheap copywriter usually ends up actually costing you far more that hiring a professional copywriter right from the start.

But, not only do you then have to suffer the embarrassment and extra cost of paying a proper rate to a proper, proven copywriter, there is also all the money you’ve thrown away getting traffic the cheap copywriter failed to convert.

Here’s a real life example.

Bob Hamilton wasted a great deal of time and treasure on a cheap copywriter who could talk the talk, but could not walk the walk. What’s more he wasted a vast amount  of never to be regained traffic, trying in vain to squeeze out a few sales  to cut his losses.

But in the end, he decided to bite the bullet and hire me.

And the result was as dramatic as the difference between night and day.

Nor was this some flash in the pan, because he kept careful records for a full three months and was delighted to find my sales letter had recouped most of the money he had lost on his previous copywriter by generating SIX times the sales compared with his original cheap – but ultimately very expensive – copywriter.

And, when Ash Goodman saw the sales rolling in, he also realized the value of hiring a competent copywriter…

The truth is that a proven, copywriter with a strong track record of success, coupled with properly targeted traffic, is an investment that very quickly pays for itself, just as Jon Axin says here, when my sales letter generated a 30% conversion rate for him, despite it being the rather obscure niche- Buddhism – for which I’d never written copy for previously …

If you’re thinking of hiring me it’s only fair to warn you

You might have noticed how many of my clients, enjoy multiple successes, like Mike Sensing:”Made $20k in three days”… “650 sales”… , or refer to my previous successes, like Bob Hamilton: “Once again, you’ve worked your magic” and Miles Sharma; “Back again”.

The fact is that around 80% of the work I do is for existing happy clients eager to add to the wealth my copywriting creates for them.

BUT – because, I only have 24 hours in my day – as well as needing time to mentor my copywriting students – I can only take on one or – at best – two new clients a month.

And that isn’t some false scarcity where sellers claim they only have ten copies of an ebook (when we all know an infinite number of ebooks can be produced at the touch of a button) – there REALLY IS only one of me.

So if you are serious about sending your sales off the chart and realize you need to hire a proven copywriter, like me, I have a very special offer for you.

You can see the sort of results I achieve for my existing clients, but you are, naturally, hesitant about investing in the sort of fees I can command because of results like these.

So here’s the very special deal I have for you today

So that you can experience the difference that having a proven, long serving copywriter in your corner, I will give you a ‘New Client Discount’ off your first project, slashing 30% off my standard fees.

Jon Anix found my generous 30% discount, coupled with the sheer effectiveness allowed him to recoup his investment in my proven copywriting in just TWO weeks.

Then, once you have experienced the sheer blasting power of my copywriting, you will not only have the confidence to invest at my higher regular fee level – but the extra boost to your sales and profits I generate for you will make it easy to afford.

What’s more, if you feel your project isn’t quite ready to roll just yet, you can be assured of VIP treatment when it is ready by booking your project now – while you can full advantage of the limited 30% ‘New Client Discount’ slots, which is only available from time to time, when my dance card has a vacant space.

So what would be a wise move for you now?

Carry on as before, looking for that impossible ‘unicorn’ combination of a proven, highly effective copywriter who will work for peanuts (why should  they? After all, they are highly trained professionals and should be properly rewarded like doctors and lawyers).


Will you remember that wise old saying: “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”.

And then, realize that – right here, right now – you have a rare opportunity to enjoy the superior results only a proven sales copywriter with over half a century of direct sales experience can provide BUT without paying a king’s ransom for the privilege.

I’m sure you’re shrewd enough to make the right choice, so I’m looking forward to hearing all about your upcoming project and helping make you my next copywriting success story.


P.S. You can see the delight of my lucky clients at the results I’ve achieved for them, but you might still hesitant about going ahead – even with the advantage of my ‘New Client Discount’

That’s very understandable – but consider this.

Every single one of my delighted clients you see here, now writing so enthusiastically about the results I’ve achieved for them, went though the very same process as you are going through now fear of the unknown followed by joy as the sales start coming in and their faith in me proved to be fully justified.



P.P.S. So I’ll leave the last word to one of my delighted clients who was really pleased he took the plunge…

So, if you want to see if you can join my happy band of delighted clients, then click this button and tell me all about your project…

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because your act of ordering signifies you fully understand and accept them













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